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United Valve Company (UVC) was set up with a view to act as a sales and marketing company for Ainsworth Engineering (AE). It markets all of Ainsworth products, hence our sales are through UVC with a few exceptions.

UVC is operated as a stand alone company operating in same premises as AE. UVC sells valves manufactured by others including allied equipment (gearboxes, actuators, etc) and fittings in general.

UVC has a stand alone management team and personnel and provide total solution to our clients and act a one stop shop for all their fluid control requirements. AE manufactures one of the widest range of valves locally manufactured and our sales team is well conversant with AE products.

We have recently set up new branches in line with our growth ambition. UVC is also tasked with the responsibility to educate our clients of Government requirement that all valves sold in South Africa must have seventy percent local content in terms of weight.

This law was set up to ensure that local industry can begin to strive again and we can also create jobs locally. UVC has distribution capability around the country and overseas. We deliver regularly to clients overseas including Australia.

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